BESTGee T300s Pro
The New Gen 3D printers

[Large Build Volume]

300*300*400 mm large building volume, available for big ideas.

[4.3” Color Touch Screen]

4.3-inch full color high definition Capacitive touch screen. Friendly and easy to use UI with rich features.

[Ultra Low Noise]

TMC2208 motor drive system, effective denoising, printing without disturbance.

[Auto Leveling]

 Matrix auto-leveling with high precision distance sensor and dynamic leveling compensation.

Accurate and Stable Extrusion]

Enable to pause and change filaments with different colors in mid-print so as to print multi-color models.

[Filament Run-Out Detection]

Sensitive real-time filament run-out detecting system. Auto pause printing when filament runs out.

[Power Outage Recovery]

Power outage protection and printing recovery. One-key continue printing with no break.

[Print Lighting]

LED auxiliary lighting, observe printing status more clearly at anytime.

[Multi-Color Indicator]

One glance printing status light using full color LED. Customize your own printer light color.

[Reliable and Safe]

MEAN WELL power supply, high efficiency, reliable and long life. Overall failure protection, safe to use.

[Easy Print Removing]

Remove print nice and easy with the detachable magnetic print bed. No need of a scraper.

[Optoelectrical Limit Switch]

Using optoelectrical limit switch for positioning. High sensitivity, reliable and durable.